Friday, October 1, 2010

Sheryl Crow -- Charleston, WV

To celebrate my wife's birthday we took a little road trip to Charleston, West Virginia to see Sheryl and her new band who are touring in support of her latest CD "100 Miles From Memphis".  The new sound has a classy soulful edge that I have quickly grown to like.  Being used to the old band and generally disliking change I wasn't sure if I was going to like this new arrangement.  Once again Sheryl has surrounded herself with a very talented group of musicians and proven that she can still kick out the hits.

LeeAnn enjoyed her birthday present and I have to say I had a pretty good time myself and even got a picture with Sheryl after the show. 

(Photos by LeeAnn)


  1. That's awesome. I've always like Sheryl Crow. Reminds me of high school times. Great birthday gift!

  2. Great write up in the local paper this morning. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert!

    Thanks for posting the picture of the Clay Center Sculpture on the blog. I really like it and usually spend time walking around and under it when I'm out on the bike. (I live within walking distance and don't have to worry about mean dogs). hihi

    We're very proud of the Clay Center and it's fine stage. The panels in the ceiling are mobile. They can be shifted to "push" sound in different directions.

    Sorry I missed you but was playing radio out in the field yesterday. The band was wise, and Cheryl Crow too.

    You look like you're on top of the world.

  3. Thanks guys. It was a great time. Up until this time I had only seen Charleston from the Highway enroute to other places. That's too bad because Charleston is a beautiful city. We checked out the "Capitol Market" a very good farmers market located right down town and took many photographs.

    Soon my wife will have seen Sheryl play live 30 times. I used to think she was crazy but I slowly became a fan and now I really enjoy the shows.

    I see what you mean John about "surrounded by hills" It was nice cruising down 77. From south of Akron/Canton to your location the hills just keep getting bigger.

    The sound quality in the Clay Center was super. I noticed right away that the whole complex was newer construction and not the old crusty opera houses of many larger cities. The Clay is an impressive venue and we had a good time for sure.

  4. The "Capitol Market" is one of my most favorite places in town and the coffee shop there has the best blueberry scones in the city.

    I even make some of my blog entries there with a little EeePC that I carry in my day pack. There's also local repeater coverage and a "very fine" natural foods vendor. He's a genius at marketing. We buy there all the time.

    Did someone point you to that place?
    It's not on the tourist menu.

    Glad you got to spend some extra time here.
    Come back soon.


  5. Great! My wife spotted the market as we came down the exit ramp off 77. We parked in a Baptist church lot about a block from the Clay. We walked to the market then down to the mall for dinner. My only complaint (and a minor one it is) is the downtown shuts down pretty promptly around 6pm. But yes I will return for sure. The only reason I didn't look you up was because of the birthday stuff. can't let ham radio intrude Hi Hi!

  6. I comes second to me also. Many times, I'll take a nice Sunday afternoon ride just because I have the entire place to myself. Charleston has always been a good place to live but a difficult place to make a living. (much like the entire state).

    However...It's great for retirement!

    Happy Trails,