Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Drilling the Capacitance Hat Hub

This is a series of photographs I took last year while I was drilling the holes in the capacitance hat hub pieces.  I had no idea back then I would be blogging about my amateur radio projects but I did want to document my endeavors so I always kept the camera handy.  The picture below I took with the timer and tripod while I was actually running the drill.  The tip of the bit had just broke through the aluminum. 

I picked up the drill press vice from Harbor Freight for about $15.00 nothing fancy but does what it's supposed to and holds the workpiece secure.  I bought this tool specifically for this project but it now rests permanently on the drill press table.  The vice is a handy shop accessory that I use often and wonder how I ever got along without.

Yesterday I stopped at the hardware store and obtained some more stainless hardware and I am now set to begin the assembly of the antenna mast sections.  A quick call to McMaster-Carr secured a spool of #16 magnet wire and some 2" heat shrink tubing that will ultimately cover the loading coil once that part is completed.

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