Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Sawdust

  In my basement ham radio station I have two windows.  One window faces west and the other above my operating desk faces north.  I had to come up with a way to display my insulators using the natural light coming in.  The window frames are aluminum and mate right up to the surrounding cement blocks of the foundation.  The only wood is the 2" X 6" sill board that rests on the top course of blocks. Using my table saw I cut up some 1" oak into shelves, sanded them a bit and sealed the wood using Formby's Tung Oil.  I like Formby's because it has a varnish additive and if you want to go crazy you can hand rub layer after layer of this oil to your workpiece and build up a nice glossy finish.  Or in this case I just used a paint brush and slopped it on.  To hang the shelves I used brass eye bolts and hooks screwed into the sill board and measured even lengths of steel chain to support the weight of the load.  On the left are my Hemingray pieces aglow in the setting sun.  The picture on the right is the north facing window.  In the very early morning the sun actually shines on the window for a short time. 

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