Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A New Recumbent Rider Is Born

Here are some shots of my son on his first recumbent ride aboard my HP Velotechnik Street Machine.  One day I asked him if he had any interest in learning how to ride the bike and he was so we headed over to the school grounds where traffic wouldn't be a problem.

On his first attempt to get moving he faltered a bit but stayed upright and was off and flying on his second try.  Since I've taken these photos we've been out to the local rail trail and he did great on the bent for a 23 mile ride.  He described that riding the recumbent gave him a feeling like flying.  I agree and noticed that sensation right away too when I first started.  I think that comes from having your feet up higher.

Currently Wyatt rides a hybrid style bike with 700c wheels for transportation and fun.  He's grown a little since his first appearance on this blog.

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  1. Teach your son to ride a normal bicycle. Recumbents are the worst and most dangerous things on the road. They are a hazard to ALL motor vehicles. The people riding recumbent do not pay attention to traffic PERIOD. Anyone who ever rides a recumbent belongs in jail for putting vehicle drivers lives in danger and jacking up insurance costs for all the accidents they cause in the USA.

    I will do my best to get dangerous recumbent riders off the road. I will call local law enforcement and inform them an idiot is cycling in the middle of a the road not paying attention to traffic and going slower than the speed limit. I have already contacted my congressman to propose a law that will ban all recumbents in my district from riding on roads with motor vehicles. When the law is passed all idiots on recumbents who violate the law will go to jail where they belong with other criminals and low lifes.