Monday, January 26, 2015

Cross Country Ski!

Winter has been upon us here in the Ohio Valley.  I've not been on my bike for a few weeks but I've been getting my exercise in other ways like shoveling the white stuff and doing more walking around town.  One of my favorite ways to recreate outside in the winter is on my cross country skis.  Earlier this month the wave of single digit cold temperatures keep me inside but finally things began to shape up weather wise and I've gotten out a couple times.  

Today I headed out to the city park where the local high school has a one mile circuit they run cross country events during the fall season.  With a blanket of snow the loop makes a perfect course for strapping on the old boards for some Nordic style ski fun.

The RoadQueen turned me onto an interesting fitness tracker I've been messing with on my smart phone.  This app is called Endomundo.  What I like most about it is that is very easy for a non-savvy computer and smart phone guy like me to use.  Simply turn it on and hit go when you start; pause if you stop, and the square red stop button when you're done.

Here's what the information looks like once an adventure or workout is loaded.  All kinds of interesting statistics are recorded for later review and Google Maps is utilized to show the route:

Unfortunately the embed is not working that good with my old school Blogger template and the right edge is being cut off.  Here's the link to the page which should display the thing in proper form.

Here's a couple really good sunset pictures I took while out on my first cross country ski outing a week ago.  Being out at the gloaming in the winter is one of my favorites.

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  1. So you were roamin' in the gloamin'! Very nice post, like the new stats window, and this last photo especially. One of you skiing would have been even better. Thanks for finding a way to work out in the cold and sharing it.