Friday, September 13, 2013

One-Room School House -- Whetstone Township

Last month I was sad to see an old schoolhouse I've ridden by many times over the years finally give up the ghost.  I took some pictures of the rubble and posted them here.  Shortly after and not far from that location I discovered another schoolhouse I had no idea existed while out on a bike ride.

A.D. 1882

Although this one has seen better days it does have a good roof and the brick work looks sound so I think it will be around awhile yet.  The building sits just 20 feet off the road and is the corner of someones front yard.  As with other schoolhouses the front was opened up at some point and this building was probably used for storage for many years.

I still find it amazing how bright it is inside the building with nothing but the eight tall windows to let in the light.

Schoolhouse #7 is along my new Parcher Road Loop which has turned into one of my favorite local rides so I'll be able to enjoy this cheerful little bit of Ohio history regularly.


  1. Excellent post, RCT! Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Nice find RCT. When is your Abandoned Schoolhouse coffee table book coming out? Also, are there basements in these buildings?

  3. Hi Mike! It's funny that you mention that. I was just thinking that myself. No, no basements just simple crawlspaces.

  4. I love this place. And the cemetery across the street where many of my ancestors are buried :)