Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Parcher Road Loop In Pictures

I finally got out for a ride on my new found route the Parcher Road Loop and remembered to bring along my camera.  It was a Saturday and the weather was beautiful for an afternoon spin.  One of my favorite things to do on my bicycles is just head off without a destination in mind and explore.  That's how I discovered this loop.  I try to pick routes that keep off the busier state highways and keep to the rural country roads.  I'm still amazed that I can find roads and places I've never been leaving by bicycle from my driveway and the town I've lived all my life.

The loop travels west and north into Crawford County Ohio and comes within a couple miles of the county seat;  Bucyrus, Ohio.  The route is mostly flat rural farmlands but there is a few rolling hills where the loop intersects the Olentangy and Sandusky River valleys.  I welcome a few hills on any ride to break up the monotony of the surrounding glacial plains.

On the western leg of my ride I approached an overpass that would eventually carry me over Interstate Highway US30.  I kept hearing the sound of a small high revving engine coming from somewhere ahead on the other side of the overpass.  I knew it wasn't coming from the highway itself because the sound wasn't the steady drone of a highway going vehicle.  The motor noise was erratic; rising and falling in pitch and intensity.  I scanned the skies above looking for a radio controlled airplane but no aircraft was visible in the brilliant blue.

Finally I crested the rise and from my vantage point I discovered the source of the buzzing engine.  Someone was enjoying the afternoon doing their thing piloting a radio controlled gas powered speed boat around this pond.  I've always been interested in the R/C world but with a bunch of other hobbies and interests competing for the small sliver of free time I have I never got into model craft.

The boat driver is visible on the small beach on the opposite shore.

Beautiful day to be out on a bicycle.

I hung out for a while watching the little boat run laps around the lake.  It was amazing. The craft could really get moving and throw up a nice rooster tail in its wake.

Further along the loop I noticed this Ohio Historical Marker and learned something new about my county.


Long known to the Indians for the mineral spring water, this land was purchased in 1819 by Samuel Knisley.  After 1880 it was developed as a resort area by Dr. Jerome Bland, who also established a cattle and horse breeding farm.  In 1930 the land became part of  PICKWICK FARMS which in 1976 was the largest standardbred breeding farm in Ohio and known throughout the United States and Canada.

The farm grounds are huge and cover a whole country block. From the road the barns are a good distance and sit up on the high ground.

And it looks like the breeding program is still underway and successful as this good looking herd of Black Angus demonstrates. 

I don't mind watching a little Discovery Channel on the television if it's raining outside but in the end the bicycle wins hand down for getting out and exploring the world.  There always seems to be something interesting just around the next bend.

Parcher Road Loop
Bike:  Motobecane Le Champion
Distance:  26.8 miles
Ride Time:  1:57:05
Average Speed:  13.7 mph



  1. I liked the stats at the end of the post, and the pictures and narrative makes me want to take advantage of our cooler weather and cycle to Johnston County today.

  2. Thanks Spence, I agree. I welcome this respite from the heat we've been having. 65-70 degrees F is perfect for cycling. I've been getting out as often as I can.

    That is one of my purposes with this blog is to encourage people to go for a bike ride. Wherever you live something interesting is sure to be found. Even on a short ride.

  3. I've seen a few of those boats with "weed eater" motors attached to them. They can really move along!