Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recumbent Ride -- Kokosing Gap Trail

On Saturday the RoadQueen joined me in Knox County Ohio to ride the Kokosing Gap Trail.  As my favorite central Ohio railtrail I'm always in the mood to hit this greenway but this time was special because it was the RoadQueen's first time out on the Kokosing.

We got a late morning start and the ride started cool but soon enough the temperature climbed into the mid 70's.  In my opinion a near perfect range for bicycling.  The great majority of the Kokosing Gap trail is tree lined and shaded as it follows the Valley skirting the river and at times crossing it via old iron railroad bridges.

Lots of folks were out taking advantage of the nice weather and natural resources.  From a bridge we watched some kayakers floating the currents of the Kokosing River.  They certainly looked like they were enjoying it.

Old Mill at Howard, Ohio
Continuing on at the end of the bike trail we traveled east four more miles on a state route until we reached the Bridge of Dreams; which spans the Mohican river near the village of Brinkhaven.  After the bridge we connected back to the terminus of the Kokosing Gap Trail via a 4 mile multi-use packed clay trail called the Mohican Valley Trail.  When I ride the Kokosing Gap I like to add on the Bridge of Dreams spur to bump my route up over 30 miles.

We had a great time and it was a day of several firsts.  While the Kokosing is old hat to me I enjoyed showing it off to the RoadQueen.  With this ride complete she has logged her longest ride on a bicycle so far at 36 miles besting her old record by over 10 miles on a new to her route.

Generally I always carry a camera when I ride but this time the RoadQueen took charge of photography.  A first for me is seeing images of myself on the HP Velotechnik recumbent.  I admit I do present quite a strange visage when viewed from the rear.  It looks like I have no legs!

Here's a short video clip courtesy of the RoadQueen that shows that the HP Velo is indeed as comfortable as it looks.  Thanks RoadQueen -Great camera eye!

RCT On The Kokosing Gap Trail

Kokosing Gap Trail/ Bridge of Dreams
Ride Time:  2:44  
Distance:  36.25 miles
Average Speed:  13.2 mph
Guest Photographer/Videographer:  The RoadQueen

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  1. You have some beautiful country for clearing out the cobwebs in one's head. I'm officially jealous.