Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Sledding



  1. Looks like good fun! I used to do a lot of sledding as a kid. I remember rubbing candle wax on our old rusty runner sleds. Once they were "broken in", they really flew down the hills. Though conditions had to be right for them. Will you guys have snow for most of the winter?

  2. Hi Mike, Yes sledding with my son is a blast and a good workout too climbing the hill over and over.

    I had a steel runner sled as a kid too. A crusty and icy base is ideal for those sleds.

    The red sled in the pictures Wyatt just received for Christmas. The next day we went out again and I brought our wooden six foot toboggan That was a Christmas gift a few years back from my Mom. That traditional sled will usually yield the longest runs of any sled I've ever seen. I have a block of parafin wax that I rub on the bottom of the boards.

    Here in Ohio the snowiest months are January, Feburary and most of March so really the snowy season is just getting started.