Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recumbent Ride

Today I had an evening to myself so instead of succumbing to any one of many nonproductive pursuits I decided to bust out a quick 30 miles on the recumbent.  I headed over to the B & O Trail in Richland County.  Conditions were optimum with overcast skies, light breeze and a temperature around 85 degrees.  

The outward bound leg I completed in 55 minutes and made it back to the car in 1:56:02.  The first 15 miles is slightly downhill so maintaining a 17-18 mph average is easy but on the return trip I usually suffer a bit more and just keep above 15 mph.  In any case I am happy to log another sub 2 hour 30 miler.  My average speed was 15.5 mph.

On a weeknight trail use is generally lighter and seems to be mostly the die hard fitness types be it on roller blades, bikes or joggers.  There was a few dog walkers but not the usual log jams one finds on the weekends when I normally cruise the bike paths.  As I was nearing the end of my ride the clouds cleared out to the west and let the sun shine for a bit before it set.  I captured this image of a marsh along the trail with the setting sun at my back.  In the foreground is an old telegraph pole with it's insulators and copper wires long since gone. 


  1. I hate die-hard fitness types ;]

    Looks like a nice ride. I feel bad for throwing rocks at glass insulators along the tracks growing up.

  2. Not quite as irritating as the small children who stop and park their bikes sidways blocking both lanes of the trail!

    BB pings are a common flaw noted on glass insulators. I'm guilty too. I think most kids who hung out along RR tracks launched projectiles of one kind or another at insulators.