Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Ride

Fridays after work I like to go for a bike ride.  Last Friday, I celebrated Arbor Day with a mountain bike ride among the trees at Clear Fork.  I rode about 5 miles with lots of short climbs on the blue trail.  This Friday I was feeling like a bent ride.  I started a few miles from the northern end of the B & O trail and planned on riding 15 miles south and turning back.  Once I got going I noticed I might just luck out and get a tailwind push on the way back so I decided to run for time.  A few miles into the ride a gentleman caught up with me riding a P38 Lightning.  He was retired from commercial printing after 42 years in that industry.  He has been riding recumbents for 9 years he said.  I hit 15 miles at about an hour and 10 minutes and did indeed have a nice tailwind to help me home.  The weather was beautiful and sunny but clouds moved in along with tornado watches for all the surrounding counties.  I made it home long before the rain.

 I have been trying to crack 2 hours for 30 miles on the recumbent.  I have done 1:45 on my Lemond road bike and just under 2 hours riding the Ti general purpose bike when it was a single speed.  I think this season I will reach my goal.
Bike: Recumbent
Ride Time:  2:09
Distance:  30 Miles
Average Speed:  13.9 MPH
Max Speed:  23.9 MPH 

HP Velotechnik  Street Machine GTE

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