Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring At Last

Sandusky River

We had a run of nice sunny days in the 60's.  I got a lot of things done.  Cleaned up the yard and screwed in some tree steps in the maple tree out back for my son. 
 As a family we go on nature walks and day hiking during all seasons.  In the evenings if short on time there are a couple nearby parks where we can get in a walk or short trail run.  Above is the Sandusky River flowing swiftly at its normal level. The country is still brown and dreary but the sun is warming up and the birds have been back for a week or two.
Sunday I took the recumbent out for its first ride of the season.  I ride on the B&O trail that runs 18 miles between Mansfield and Butler, OH.  For my first trip out I kept the ride not too long at 31.13 miles.  As usual a steady wind was blowing.  Of course it's always the first half of the ride with the wind at your back. Cruising along at 20 mph and trying not to think about inevitable change of course that brings you home and unfortunately right into the wind.  My ride time was 2:28 and the average speed logged was 12.5 mph.  The hp is not designed for speed records but instead for all day comfort.  The bike is running fine and it felt great to be out under the sky. 
After comparing my recumbent to my diamond frame bikes in different wind conditions I estimate a 1-2 mph increase in speed traveling into a headwind on the bent.  Not a big deal but you can feel it and the wind noise seems louder than normal for the power applied to the pedals.
Spandex not required.

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