Sunday, November 21, 2010

Insulator Post -- Verreries de Folembray

For my 40th Birthday my thoughtful and lovely wife surprised me with this very nice French Gingerbread man.  The insulator measures 5 1/2" inches tall and 3 1/2" inches in diameter and was made by the Verreries de Folembray (Glass works of Folembray).   The glass works was located in the town of Folembray in northern France and operated from 1899 to 1954.  This is about the extent of my knowledge of this particular insulator and the company that made it.  A casual search online does return some information but many of the entries are in French so I cannot read them.

The Gingerbread man is a unique addition to my collection and is a special piece to me because it was given as a gift.  


  1. When I first looked, I didn't think the name matched the item.....then I caught up with where I should be. It works. At the same time it's so simple yet so interesting looking. The color too, adds so much. Happy Birthday! I had one of those.......long long ago.

  2. Happy belated birthday Mike! Awesome gift. I dig this style the most, from what you've shown us on your blog. Very cool!