Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recumbent Ride

The weather on my birthday turned out to be a mild 65 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds.  It was a bit windy but I could not have asked for a better afternoon for a little spin around town on the recumbent.  As usual I packed the camera and did manage to take a neat shot or two. 

This water tower is scheduled to be dismantled soon so I decided to try to get some shots of it before it is gone for good.  Symbols of the once burgeoning industrial complex in my small Midwestern town are slowly one by one falling into decay. 

My average mph was way down on this ride but my purpose was not to put down a bunch of miles in the log but simply enjoy the sun and fresh air as you only can from the back of a bicycle.  I also traversed a couple miles of gravel road surface so this brought down my overall speed.  Even with 1" slick tires at 100 psi the front and rear suspension of the HP Velotechnik Street Machine makes the bike surprisingly easy to control even on coarse railroad bed gravel. 

Route:  urban/ rural mix
Ride Time:  1:43
Total Distance:  17.92 miles
Average Speed:  10.4 mph
Max Speed:  22.8 mph

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  1. This is twice today you have caught my eye. I love it when you take pictures around your home. There is something about it, that even though I grew up in Denver, not what you would call a "small city", I can remember any where that it look like where you ride on your bike. Your pictures are great. Thanks. It's raining here in Scottsdale today, I like the rain, and yes the Sun too. But I find I spend a lot of time inside. Keep talking and looking for a 3 wheel "Old Person" bike but seems just like my buying amateur radios, there is always something more important. But thanks for the pictures. They are great to look at, and don't worry I won't ask you the carry me along. Think of me, hiding in your camera.