Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recumbent Ride -- Kokosing Gap Trail

Today I decided to cap off the long holiday weekend with a recumbent ride on the Kokosing Gap Trail.  When I got up this morning the sun was shining so I jumped at the chance to skip the indoor workout and get outside.  My cycle computer indicated a chilly 37 degrees Fahrenheit with just a light breeze from the south-west.  By the midpoint of my ride the temperature had risen to a balmy 42 degrees.

Total Distance:  28 miles
Ride Time:  2:06
Average Speed:  13.3 mph
Max Speed:  18.9 mph

Stone arch  -- Howard, Ohio

Here is some interesting history I copied from a sign along the trail:

Howard Township was created March 9, 1825, with the village of Howard platted in 1836 as Kinderhook.  A few years later the name was changed to Howard.  The area was a favorite camping and hunting ground for several indian tribes which had settled along the banks of the Big and Little Jelloway and Owl creeks.  Here they cleared timber and raised corn. The first white man to settle in Howard Township -Abraham Welker- came to the area about 1807, having emigrated from Harrison County.  Due Primarily to the Pennsylvania Railroad, and with the arrival of  more white men, the village of Howard soon became a thriving community.  A principle livestock shipping center for Chicago and Pittsburgh markets, the village blossomed with a hotel, two grocery stores, a bank, mill, blacksmith shop, barber shop, dry goods store, undertaker, pool room, two doctors' offices and a post office.

Kokosing River, Knox County


  1. Looks like a good ride. The two half-arc windows at the upper right of the red building bother me. I want to go install a middle section between them! You got some good distance in, for only riding 2 hours. Nice one!

  2. Looks like a beautiful ride....You're very fortunate to have such a great bike path in your area.

    Last week I replaced my old Panasonic bike. Due to back problems, I could not ride it much over 20 miles without a lot of pain. I've replaced it with a Cannondale ATV "comfort bike" that allows me to sit more upright and is much lighter. The last several days, I've been riding in town. (despite to cold weather)

    Really, really like it!

    I bought it with my first "Social Security" check. Yes....I'm at THAT point in life. (Slowing down a little but still a long way from metamorphosis).

  3. Gorgeous photos.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments! It was a great ride. I'm glad I could get out. John- any money spent on a bike is money well spent in my book.