Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tim Easton -- Rumba Cafe -- November 20, 2010

The main purpose of our recent trip to Columbus, Ohio was to hear some tunes by musician, singer songwriter Tim Easton.  Tim is originally from Ohio and around the holidays he usually shows up and plays a couple shows at smaller bars or a cozy cafe.  The last time we saw Tim play was nine years ago so it was great to finally see him again.
Tim's label is New West Records and his style is rooted in acoustic blues.  I'm not a big follower of the genre but "Alternative Country" and "Americana" are some buzzwords associated with this style of music.  "Dylan-esque" is a fitting description of Tim's style I saw in another review.  The real treat is to witness with your own ears how Tim can fill a room with just vocals and his guitar.  For this show at the Rumba Cafe Tim was joined by a excellent drummer who provided percussion and rhythm further broadening the sonic brush stroke.
Often I mention Tim Easton to people and they have never heard of him.  It's really too bad because Tim is an incredible guitarist and performer.  I highly recommend checking out some Youtube videos of Tim at the very least and if given the opportunity to see a live show I wouldn't miss it.   


  1. There is nothing more fun and exciting than sitting behind an audio console. My experience mixing music is limited but recording multi-voice commercials with recorded music backgrounds and on air mixing, that I have some years of experience at. But just seeing a "board" brings back fun memories. Happy Birthday again. Have a great T Day today.

  2. The Fender guitar and amp reminds me of my very first "Music Master" (one pick up)and I used the same amp when I started playing my first electric guitar. Strictly acoustical now but considering adding a little pickup to broadcast to my stereo in the house now.

  3. With my acoustic I use a Fender Acoustasonic 30 watt amp. Cool because it's got two channels, one for a microphone. It also has the tilt back cabinet which I like. I rock it back so the speaker fires up at a 45 degree angle. I don't use it all that often but it's fun to play around and experiment.
    Yea that's a cool vintage Tele that Tim had. I've wanted a Telecaster for a long time just never got around to it yet. My electrics are all Epiphones and I have a 1999 American made P Bass.