Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vibroplex Straight Key

Vibroplex Standard Straight Key

This key was my main station key for my first couple of years in amateur radio.  A great looking key with crisp yet solid action.  I have logged several hundred radio telegraphy contacts using this fine instrument which is second only in my key collection to the NT9K Pro Pump long lever key.   

The Vibroplex straight key is a unique design based on modified components taken from the semi-automatic key line. It is an interesting fact that the Vibroplex Company did not introduce a straight key until nearly 100 years into it's existence.  This is not surprising as the mainstay Vibroplex keys are semi-automatic or "bug" keys.  Production first began in 1996 and continues today catering solely to the amateur market.   

Vibroplex website:


  1. I've been experimenting with the "full arm" method you mentioned with your larger key and found it works surprisingly well. Needless to say, I've used my little "Bunnell" straight key the entire week and will probably let the iambic paddles collect dust for awhile.

    I've grown really fond of the straight keys now.

  2. Hey John that's great. Yep I used the "full arm" this weekend during the SKCC WES using my homebrew wooden straight key.

    Now you just need a Begali Blade or a Pro Pump- something with a nice big knob! I really believe that the full arm technique yields the cleanest sending on the straight key.