Thursday, May 5, 2011

Insulator Post -- CD145 California


  1. How pretty! I've never seen one this color in the wild.

  2. Hello Nate,
    Yes, it's a beauty. Very similar color to the "Postal" cd145 second row far right in the NIA display I linked to.

    I've been on a California kick here for a while so next time I'll feature some glass from another manufacturer.

  3. So, how many shots of single malt does an insulator hold? Or have you tested it yet? Congrats on the new bike and the 50 miles, too. It looks fast just sitting still.

  4. Stranded, The smaller "pony" style insulators have a volume of about a double shot. It's been done but not my me, not yet anyway!

    The bike is riding great! Nothing like a new ride to spike enthusiasm and motivation.