Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Ride

With temperatures topping out at 89 degrees on Memorial Day my wife's recommendation that we get an early start on our family bike ride turned out to be a wise decision.  The three of us were on the B & O Trail by 9:00 am heading north from Lexington, Ohio.  We rode seven miles to the northern terminus of the trail in Mansfield, Ohio letting Wyatt set the pace. We took breaks along the trail enjoying the fresh morning air and took some pictures at North Lake Park before heading back the way we had come.   

By the time we returned to the car we had logged a solid 14 miles.  I loaded up my wife and son's bikes and they headed into town by car.  I decided to add a few more miles on my own traveling south on the trail before turning west and continuing on homeward.  

Riding on the flat rail trail at a slower pace I felt pretty good.  Once I struck off on my own and got into the hills I could tell I wasn't fully recovered from Saturday's hill ride.  No soreness just a reluctance to turn the bigger gears on the climbs. The heat and Humidity were oppressive but that's not a complaint.  Heat does not bother me as long as I keep up a steady intake of water.  I took it easy and used my granny gear on the hills.  The purpose of this extended ride was just to enjoy the beautiful weather and rolling countryside of north central Ohio.    

This old metal sign from the Farm Burea I spotted on an old barn along the road.  

My route home took me down County Road 57 and past the farm where I spent my teenage years.  There is a two mile stretch along 57 that has always been gravel covered.  This was my first time this season passing along this particular road and I was hoping to find that the surface might finally be paved.  No such luck and the Motobecane got it's first taste of Ohio limestone.  Gravel roads and 23mm tires just don't go together. 

Eventually after three and a third hours in the saddle I pulled into the driveway hot and tired yet sublimely satisfied.  After jumping in the swimming pool we just set up the day before my family and I spent the rest of the day cooking out and relaxing in the back yard.  All in all a great weekend and a super start to the summer with lots of bike riding and quality family time.

Memorial Day Family Ride

Distance:  40.2 Miles
Ride Time:  3:20
Average Speed:  12 mph
Max Speed:  29.9 mph
Motobecane Odometer 187 miles


  1. Seems another great ride and I agree on the "gravel road" (especially with those high pressure tires). I too, spent most of the day on the bike in the "heat". I take it well too, as long as I keep my fluids up. I keep my speed down and my exertion level just where the "breeze" keeps me comfortable.

    Yesterdays ride took me to my brothers house where we relaxed a bit and spent the afternoon visiting with my father who is 91 years old now.

    The return ride (late afternoon) got me home in just the nick of time to cut the lawn.

    Total distance abt 25 miles at a speed of about 15 mph. (my best guess)

    ps...I enjoy your "bike" post as much as the "radio" posts. Good job on both!

  2. Thanks John,
    Bikes are a blast but in all seriousness I'm hoping by riding mine as often as possible I'll live to see 91.

    It was fun weekend, thanks to the troops. let's not forget.