Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bicycle Commuting

We try to ride our bikes to work and school at least two days out of every week.  Last week we met the quota.  Here is the view from the road on our way to school Friday morning.  Our school campus is only a few years old and state of the art in every way except the entire layout was designed around the automobile.  To get to the school grounds we have to cross a state highway which becomes choked with car traffic during student drop off and pickup times.  Thankfully wide cement sidewalks were installed allowing access to the area without having to ride on the busy main road.  Although I personally don't believe bikes belong on the sidewalk it is really the only safe alternative for kids biking to school and riders are encouraged to use them so I go along with it.


  1. Sometimes it has to be the sidewalk. I think your kid and I have the same backpack! The exit for Rapunzel's school is impossible via car. We have to go to the other side which is not technically legal.

  2. I have to admit I do relish a little smug satisfaction as I roll on past 87 cars, wait 30 seconds at the crosswalk, and then go on my merry way while the motorists work their way through four or five red light cycles.

    Even with my short commute of a couple miles I am soon irritated while driving the car. Not so on the bike.