Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Road Bike Ride

Today after work I took off on the Motobecane road bike for a ride.  The temperature was a chilly 53 degrees and windy but finally a day without rain. I don't mind getting caught in a shower during a ride but I don't start wet.

I rode the regular local loop that circles my town.  It's a nice after work workout with minimal automobile traffic to contend with.  My gear consisted of headsweat (very thin hat worn under bike helmet to keep my ears covered), full finger gloves, thermal base layer, tights and my hi-vis yellow jacket.  My feet froze but otherwise it was still a great ride.  I am so ready for summer!

I have decided to issue a little personal challenge to myself and see how many miles I can rack up on the Motobecane in it's first season.  I will be posting rides as usual here on my blog so maybe that will cultivate some extra incentive to get out there and mash those pedals.

Local Loop Stats

Ride Time:  1:14
Distance:  20.0 miles
Average Speed:  16.2 mph
Max Speed:  28.7 mph
Motobecane Odometer:  50 miles


  1. I think keeping feet warm is the hardest aspect of cold-weather biking. It is also the part of me I can't keep dry when it rains hard.

  2. Agreed! When its cold I wear light wool socks and that works fairly well. But I've put my wool away for the season and I'm not getting them back out.

    I also have noticed that my feet get colder if I am really mashing the pedals hard for an extended period vs. loafing along. Same thing whether riding upright or recumbent.