Friday, July 15, 2011

Recumbent Ride

Thursday, July 14

I've been watching the Tour de France on satellite television and needless to say this little bike race across the French countryside inspires me to ride.  I planned to ride today after work and even had my route picked out.  Earlier in the day I was thinking of riding the Motobecane road bike but by the afternoon I settled on the recumbent as my machine of choice.

Ideal weather conditions with calm air and lower humidity made for a good ride.  As my loop progressed I continued to feel strong so I kept pushing the pace and increased my average speed by half a mile an hour over the last half of my ride.  I rarely reach speeds as high as 16.5 mile per hour average on the recumbent  so I am pleased with my performance.  Keep in mind that average speed calculations take into account slowing down for stop signs and sharp turns and accelerating back up to cruising speed.  Much of the ride was traveling well above the 16.5 mph speed.

If I were a serious racer of bicycles I would certainly include these recumbent rides into my training regimen.  The HP Velotechnik weighs in at 33 pounds or about 15 pounds heavier than the Motobecane road bike.  I'm sure its no illusion that when I hop on the road bike I feel like I can really fly.  I guess one could train with a bowling ball or two in a backpack and ride the race bike but that would not be fun or comfortable.

Local Loop (extended)

Bike:  HP Velotechnik Street Machine
Ride Time:  1:27:33
Distance:  24.22 miles
Average Speed:  16.5 mph
Max Speed:  30.00 mph


  1. Can't imagine doing 30 mph on that...hihi
    I've been watching the "Tour" also. I'm just amazed at the endurance of these people. Speaking of about those 60+ mph down the mountains yesterday??

  2. I think (from observation) that the recumbent works somewhat different muscles from a diamond frame. Different = good.

    Nice ride!

    There's a Motobecane parked at work --- it's a very handsome bicycle but the owner never exercises it :/

  3. Hi guys, I've been gone from civilization for a while with not even a cell phone but thanks to the modern marvel of the dvr I have recorded the last few stages of the tour. I'll wait until the race is over and instead of going through withdrawals I'll watch the stages I missed. The mountain stages are my favorite. Those riders are amazing.

    Chafed- Yep its sad to see a good bike not getting to do its thing. I have a mountain bike that I feel a bit guilty about neglecting but its sure not out of laziness. As I've gotten older I seem to enjoy the roads and railtrails more than the dirt. Besides now its hot as blazes here in Ohio.