Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bike Ride with LeeAnn

In a stroke of brilliance my wife came up with the idea that we get up early on Saturday and go for a ride on the B&O Trail.  Our son had spent the night at a friend's house so we had a rare opportunity to go cycling together by ourselves.  The greenways of the bike trail were cool and peaceful and we even got to see a whitetail deer crossing the path ahead of us.

After a solid 20 miles I loaded up LeeAnn's Cannondale onto the bike rack and I took off on my own for the 16 mile trip back back to town from the trailhead.  By that time the temperature was soaring towards the 90 degree mark but breezes were light so I was able to keep fairly cool and maintain a decent pace along the smooth pavement of Ohio St. Rt. 97.

Near a small village called Blooming Grove I passed the birthplace of America's 29th President Warren G. Harding.  

As I rolled into town I spotted this perfectly good 8mm spanner and had to swing back around to pick it up.  It even says "Goodwrench" right on it.  One of many tools in my box I have found while out on the bike.

B&O Trail w/ LeeAnn 20 miles
Ohio St Rt 97 solo 16 miles

Distance:  36 miles
Ride Time:  2:41:42
Average Speed:  13.3 mph
Max Speed 28.3 mph
Motobecane Odometer:  248 miles

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