Friday, July 1, 2011

K2H 13 Colonies Special Event

While I was having coffee this morning and listening to 40 meters CW I heard this station calling "CQ CQ de K2H 13 COL" at a comfortable 18 wpm.  Usually short 1 x 1 call signs are assigned to special event stations.  I worked the station and then looked up the call on and confirmed that the station was indeed part of a 4th of July Special Event celebrating the independence of the original 13 colonies.

I like making contact with special event stations and enjoy collecting these one of a kind QSL cards.  


  1. Very cool! Did the event have stations in the other 12 colonies?

  2. Yes, each one of the original 13 have at least a couple of stations on the air all weekend. Very cool indeed. check out the certificate on the web site.

  3. Wow! Well done. Looks like they've got the next few years of certificate design ready to go.