Saturday, July 3, 2010

Insulator Post -- Fizzy Beehive

H.G. CO Petticoat Beehive

Millions of these telegraph insulators were made by Hemingray and other glass companies.  The term petticoat refers to a smaller inner skirt molded into the glass inside the main skirt.  The petticoat is plainly visible in the photographs below the threads.  

The "H.G. CO" embossing is an earlier type used until around 1910 when it was changed to "HEMINGRAY"  I really like this beehive with all it's character.  That's about a 1/4" bubble in the inner skirt and a 1/2" long one up above the wire groove.  The entire 3- 1/4" diameter by 4- 1/2" tall insulator is shot through with very small bubbles giving the glass a neat look.

fizzy beehive rear view

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