Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Benchmark at KD8JHJ

I did not realize it at the time but my recent PSK-31 contact with SV1BDO/3 in Egio, Greece is now my record longest distance two-way communication via amateur radio.  The distance between our antennas: 5,213 miles. Amazing!

The image above is an e-qsl (electronic qsl).  Traditionally amateur and commercial stations have issued QSL cards to verify contacts and reception reports.  Up until recent times QSL cards have always been printed on card stock like a postcard.  Exchanging paper QSL cards is still practiced among amateurs and some short wave broadcasters although the e-qsl digital confirmations are gaining acceptance due to many factors.  The always rising cost of postage and the long wait on international snail mail are probably the greatest.


  1. Great News! You should be proud.

  2. That's really awesome. I used to use citizen band radios as a kid with my friends in town. Lots of fun. I had a log book of all of our conversations and it noted new people I met etc. I lived near a highway and sometimes would get truckers while they were in range. I have a lot of good memories of that time.

    I looked into QSL cards because I had never heard of them. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QSL) I really like the concept. What does your QSL card look like? You should post one up on your blog eh. Quoting Wikipedia, I really like this aspect:
    "QSL cards are a ham radio operator's calling card and are frequently an expression of individual creativity — from a photo of the operator at his station to original artwork, images of the operator's home town or surrounding countryside, etc. They are frequently created with a good dose of individual pride. Consequently, the collecting of QSL cards of especially interesting designs has become an add-on hobby to the simple gathering of printed documentation of a ham's communications over the course of his or her radio career."


  3. Thanks guys,
    Yea I will have to put up a copy of my qsl card. I did add a personal touch to my card. Look for it soon.