Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recumbent Ride

This weekend I spent most of my time participating in the July SKCC Week End Sprint on amateur radio.  However as much as I love sending Morse Code signals bouncing off the ionosphere I did take a break from the radio and got out for a little ride on the recumbent.  The weather conditions have been a welcome change from the sweltering heat wave we have experienced the past couple weeks.  Today it did get warm but only the upper 80's and lower humidity so really nice conditions for a bike ride.

I rode on the B & O Trail for about an hour and a half.  Not the full trail but enough for a decent workout.  My fitness is coming along good this season and I am happy with my performance.  I have noticed that the average speed on the recumbent is slowly increasing from the start of the season.

Ride Time  1:27:42
Distance  23.64 Miles
Average Speed  16.1 MPH
Max Speed  21.9 MPH


  1. 16.1--not bad at all. I'm wondering if you could put a generator on the bike, the kind that they used to sell in department stores to power headlights, and could hook up the radio. Always wanted to try something like that myself.

  2. Stranded- Believe me the thought has crossed my mind more than once. Behind the seat on the recumbent is a sturdy attachment point for a luggage rack. This would be an ideal place to mount an antenna. I would still have to carry a battery but the wheel-driven generator to charge the battery seems like a good idea. In the future and as funds allow it's somthing I want to play around with.

    It's bad enough all the attention I get riding the recumbent now. I can only imagine once I add antennas and a head set boom-mic!