Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day Ride

 After a big plate of turkey and other Thanksgiving carbohydrates I enjoyed a big slice of bike trail for desert.  Most people I know like to kick back on the sofa and watch football after the big feast but not me.  The weather was fantastic on Thanksgiving day reaching a high of just over 60 degrees.  I actually wore shorts on my ride. 

I was in the mood for road biking so I set out to ride the nearby B & O rail trail on the titanium Motobecane.  I started from the northern end and fought through a bit of a head wind from the south but still managed a respectable for me 16.1 miles in the first hour.  After the second hour I had brought my average speed up to 16.5 mph.  I'm sure the tailwind helped as I was headed back north but that leg of the trip is also slightly uphill most of the way so I think things kind of evened out.  In any event I rode a little stronger during the second hour and I'm happy about that.

At this point I'm about two months into my winter fitness program. Although I haven't been riding a whole lot it seems the cardio sessions every other day on the elliptical machine and the weight lifting have peaked out my cycling form nicely.  I felt strong on the bike and pleased with my ability to meter out the power just right over the course of the ride.  The bike performed dutifully and the conditions were nearly perfect.  Lastly this is was my first ride as a 42 year old kid having just hit the mark a few days ago.
Turkey the performance enhancing drug.
Bike:  Motobecane LeChampion
Ride Time:  2:14
Distance:  37.1 miles
Average Speed:  16.5 mph
Max Speed:  22.6 mph

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  1. Nice to hear that your 'Fitness Program' is having the desired results...