Friday, November 30, 2012

Cool Bicycle Art

I plucked this interesting black and white up from the fast flowing current of the Internet.  I don't know anything about the image other than it has elements of some of my favorite things -bikes, telegraph insulators and an old steam train.  We really can't tell who wins this race but for the moment it looks like the velopedist has got the edge on the hissing and chugging giant.  However it turned out I love how this picture captures the bicycle spirit and that urge to turn pedal power into speed.  Man and machine at its finest. 


  1. It goes beyond retro straight to classic, this one.

    How did you become interested in telegraphs?

    1. Four years ago I got an amateur radio license to use radiotelegraphy to talk to ham operators around the country and the world.

      Because I'm naturally interested in history and mechanical things I started researching telegraph keys and how they were used before the development of radio. I find it cool that before the time of Sam Morse any data or information had to be carried by horse or smoke signal or other primitive means. Computers and cellphones and satalites all of the modern ways we share information all started with that simple code of dots and dashes.

  2. For some odd reason, I recall Dave keeping up with the Cinelli truck in "Breaking Away."

  3. My money is still on the telegraph message besting both the messenger bicyclist and the mail pouch.