Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cycling Update

Late August signals the beginning of my favorite riding season.  The oppressive humidity and heat haze of summer give way to cooler temperatures and crisp star filled evening skies.  The changing of the fall foliage is still a month away but if one spends any time outside the signs of coming autumn are all around.  The chorus of crickets have reached a fevered pitch both day and night.  Woolly caterpillars make up a random slalom course for my bike wheels as they purposefully make their way across the road.  It's the time of year when I suddenly realize that soon I will be donning a pile of outdoor gear; gloves, hat, jacket, tights and wool socks just to go out for a bike ride.

Saturday I was feeling a bit restless and although there was numerous chores around the house that needed done I opted for a ride.  Cycling is my medicine.  Equally good for mind and body.

A steady breeze was blowing from the North-East so I decided on a route directly North. A long skinny loop where I could enjoy a tail wind to help push me back home on the second half of the ride.  I took my time enjoying the afternoon and took a few pictures.  An old country church of stout sandstone and brick was the backdrop for this blog post photo.

Bike:  HP Velotechnik Street Machine
Ride Time:  1:50
Distance:  25.6 miles
Average Speed:  13.8 mph
Max Speed:  25.9 mph
HP Velo Odometer:  1946.7 miles  

North Central Ohio countryside


I have also realized my new Motobecane Le Champion titanium road bike has not been out as often as I wanted this season so I have made it a point to get some rides in on 700c wheels before the snow flies.  Last Thursday after work I loaded up and took a short drive to the B & O Trail at Lexington Ohio.  My goal for the evening ride was a time trial to see where my fitness level was after many good rides on the recumbent this summer.  When I'm in the mood to hammer the Motobecane is my remedy.

B & O Trail 20 Mile Time Trial

Bike:  Motobecane
Ride Time:  1:10
Distance:  20 miles
Average Speed:  17.2 mph
Max Speed:  29.2 mph
Motobecane Odometer:  292 miles


  1. I too can sense a change in the weather, and yeah, i'm looking forward to cool morning commutes (altho not the frigid winter ones). So, you're a screenprinter? very nifty. and interesting musical interests...

  2. recumbent conspiracy theoristSeptember 6, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the comments. Fall is really my favorite time for riding. I'm usually in top form after riding all summer and I just love being out in the crisp air once the humidity gone. And the leaves changing. Your at the same latitude so you know as well as I.

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