Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mail Pouch Tobacco Ad

A while back I posted a shot of a Mail Pouch Tobacco Ad and I learned that the painted on brick murals were less common than the ubiquitous barn siding versions.  For that reason I was pleasantly surprised as I drove down the main street in Bellville, Ohio and noticed this fine example.  

It is interesting how the Mail Pouch add was not the first advertisement to grace the side of this old building.   Time and the elements have worn away the black background exposing a ghost image of an older ad.


  1. a ghost of what?
    Looks like a yellow POUCH centred below pouch, and FLOUR below best. It has seen seen several adds, and possible a repaint of Mail Pouch.

    thanks for your efforts to keep up the fine art of history alive.

  2. Beautiful old building. It would be amazing the stories they could tell if they could talk, wouldn't they?