Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workshop Activity

Here's a few shots taken around the shop over the last few days. Finally we have a three day January thaw that has allowed me to get some work done. Yesterday I used paint stripper to clean the old layers of paint from this cold air return grill and  restore it to bare metal.  I used a wire brush, a scotchbrite pad and a bit of elbow grease to remove the slimy residue from between the louvers. Yuck!

After looking at grills at the local big box I noticed my 60 year old cover was stamped from thicker steel and was overall better quality than what was available at the store.  Ultimately I decided to restore my original grill because I was not finding the correct width grill either retail or online in my initial searches. I've done a couple other ones in the house and they look fine.

Here's the grill after a couple coats of spray primer.  I'm getting anxious to put it back in its spot covering the big ugly hole in the living room wall.

Next I got out the table saw to cut up some oak lumber. Pictured below is the new window sill for in my kitchen above the sink.

Today I have to pick up a new blade for my band saw and I will finish the notch cut out on each end of the sill where it fits around the wall.  I was able to purchase window casing which I was working on earlier but I was not able to find the smaller foot pieces that fit up tight against the edge of the window frame so I ripped down some oak to make my own. Those are the four long strips on the right below.  I'll have to machine them down using the planer then round off the corner on the router table.

I love the smell of fresh sawn oak.
More to come!


  1. Would powder coat work even better for the grille?

  2. Powder coat would work great but almost an overkill durability wise. For just hanging up on the wall rattle can paint works fine. I like a little paint project like this. Reminds me of grandad who was a sign painter and autobody man.