Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prehistoric Stone Point Found In Ohio

While I'm out on my bike looking at leaves I'm not always looking up or riding.  As I was walking along inspecting some bare ground my eye instantly recognized a familiar shape.  I reached for the primitive stone weapon and nearly plucked it from it's rain worn perch before I remembered I had my camera.  The next two pictures show the point in it's undisturbed position as I found it.  The first photograph shows the  edge of a small gully formed by rain runoff.  The point rests on the edge atop a pillar of dirt shaped like the point itself.  

An interesting effect of erosion

The second photograph was taken looking straight down.  The lip of the gully is just discernible at about midpoint in the frame.  The bottom of the gully (top of frame) is slightly out of focus.

This awesome find was expertly knapped from flint mined by prehistoric Native Americans in Coshocton County about 70 miles away from where I found the point in Crawford County.  This fact shows the wide distribution of the dark gray flint stone.  Even though the point has suffered some damage over the years it's still a great example of an "Ohio Blue".


  1. Wow! What a great post, that is so cool Mike. I dream of finding a point. That one is a beauty, congrats, and thanks for sharing. AB9NZ

  2. Ya know what's funny? Some people just take a picture and leave it "in context". I'd be wearing something that cool on a string around my neck 'til somebody dug up my bones. T.B.

  3. recumbent conspiracy theoristOctober 20, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    I hear ya anon. The point is cool but we really need one with the notched end intact so we have a place to wrap the wire.

    I'll keep looking.