Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountain Bike Ride -- Alley Scramble

Yeti F.R.O. (chromoly steel) Single Speed

Has it been raining a lot or is it just me?  Saturday afternoon the rain tapered off and I stole away for a little fat tired cruise.  I have not been out on the Yeti in quite some time and even though I didn't ride any single track it was still nice to feel the buzz of the knobbies.  I call this ride an "Alley Scramble" because it avoids pavement for the most part navigating around my town using the network of alley ways and rail road double track as shown in the picture.  The ride also typically involves a lap or two around the up ground reservoir which contains my towns fresh water supply. 

For this type of riding I run 40 psi in the front and rear tires and set the air chambers of my Rock Shox Sid to the prescribed recommendation for a 160 lb rider.  My customary 32/20 single speed gearing is much to low for flat land cruising so I change out the 20 tooth cog for a 15.  I have no computer on this bike but I imagine I top out around 10 or 12 mph with the 15 tooth cog installed.

Unfortunately a trip to the hills and woods to ride on real mountain bike trails involves loading up the car and driving.  If I've got just a little time to spare and that knobby tired itch to scratch the Alley Scramble usually does the job.


  1. I've been having the worst luck with the tires on my bike. Seems like the tread picks up and grinds all kinds of stuff into the core. A flat for the 5 th time and I couldn't take it anymore. Now...two new Kevlar tires that can run thru glass if need be. hihi. Better than steel belts....I'm ready for fall now.

  2. Hi John, Yea I remember your bike tire tales of woe! hopefully you will have better luck with the new rubber.