Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road Bike Ride

Grain Elevator at Bellville, Ohio

On the last day of my extended weekend I decided to go for a midday ride on the B & O Trail.  I always enjoy putting in a good effort aboard the road bike especially a day or two after a long recumbent ride.  The section of trail I rode connects the small towns of Lexington, Bellville and Butler Ohio.  In order to reach my half way point at 12.5 miles I had to extend my ride a mile past the end of the bike trail.  The road I chose was mostly an uphill climb out of the village of Butler.  I estimate a couple hundred feet of elevation maybe a bit more.  Once turned around I rocketed back down the hill and set a new top speed record on my road bike.   

B & O Trail -- Lexington to Butler

Bike:  Motobecane
Ride Time:  1:39:07
Distance:  25 miles
Average Speed:  15.1 mph
Max Speed: 44.4 mph
Motobecane Odometer:  212 miles


  1. Really like the pictures..especially with the bike. Good theme..

  2. The peeling paint on this barn would look great in HDR.