Friday, June 13, 2014

Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn

Morrow County, Ohio

I noticed this old barn earlier in the year and finally got out on the motorbike to snap a picture for my collection here on the blog.  The old structure has seen better days and the paint is weathered but at least it won't degrade any more here in digital form.

It's been a hectic and busy spring here and it's kept me away from blogging.  I've got lots of activities going on which are generating some good content so slow but sure I'll get some more stuff documented here at RCT.


  1. This is a nice view of MPB 35-17-06. We would like permission to add the photo to our website. We are on Facebook. If permission is granted we would like to add your name along with the date of the photo to the credits. I can be contacted at Thank you. Dave

  2. MPB 35-17-05 Sorry. You can click on the ling above to get to the website page. Dave