Thursday, March 20, 2014

Take The Long Way Home

It's slowly getting warmer and I've managed to hit my two bike commute per week quota for three weeks in row now.  This week I'll have three days in commuting to and from the day job.  Yesterday it was 54 degrees F when I left work so I decided to ride a little extra loop out into the country on the way home.  It was probably only six to eight miles and windy as usual but it sure felt great to be out spinning.

I've been itching to get the recumbent bike out on the road but the weather has been so cold I've kept busy in other ways.  At least riding the Ti General Purpose bike around town keeps me somewhat in shape so getting started into a new riding season is no big deal.  I've been longing for some bigger rides in a comfortable seat so I think the recumbent roll out will be soon.


  1. Do you have any problems with numbness/burning feet on your bent?

  2. In the past when I used clipless pedals on my bent I would experience hot spots and occasional numbness. For the last couple years I have used platforms and can move my feet around. This really reduced the hot spots. When I push hard on my upright bikes the same numbness occurs. If I'm racing the clock for time on my roadbike with cliplesss It's pretty easy for my feet to go numb also. So for me it happens on either style of bike. If I just poke along relaxing I'm fine for hours.