Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Ride

On Wednesday the temperature was warm in the 70's and although there was a stiff wind blowing it was still a great afternoon for a ride.  I love riding in the fall but with the beautiful conditions and scenery also comes the bittersweet knowledge that soon freezing rain, sleet, snow and bitter windchill will rule the day.
When I rounded the corner on the northern leg of my loop I saw this bit of woods ablaze in color. I had to stop and click a photo or two.  The change of the seasons especially the fall adds something different to the same old route.  This time of year I find it real easy to throw a leg over the bike go spin.
  I've recently got a new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 which while not the latest device on the market is plenty powerful for me and has a killer 8 MP camera.  All these photographs I took with the phone.
These two show a small valley about a half mile from my house where the Olentangy Creek winds its way south.
Local Loop
Bike:  Motobecane Road Bike
Ride Time:  1:19:08
Distance:  20.1 miles
Average Speed:  15.2 mph
Max Speed:  26.7 mph

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