Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ride to the LBS

I needed to pick up a few things from my local bike shop.  Some 700c tubes, a patchkit, a couple air cartridges, some chain lube, a new pair of gloves and two Camelbak insulated water bottles.  Let me tell you if you spend any money on bike gear this year pick up a couple of these insulated bottles.  They keep your liquid cool and the nozzle is one of the best I've ever sipped from. 

Now a ride to the bike shop seems simple enough but my local shop which really isn't all that local is exactly 15.1 miles from my driveway so traveling there by bicycle makes for a good workout.  With a new set of slicks on the recumbent I was looking forward to the trip.  The shop is located in Lexington, Ohio so riding round trip there is basically completing the Clear Fork Loop, one of my favorite routes.

LBS Ride

Bike:  HP Velotechnik Steet Machine
Ride Time:  2:23:07
Distance:  32.42 miles
Average Speed:  13.5 mph
Max Speed:  46.7 mph


When I'm on a road ride in the area this is a cool place I like to stop for a break.  The west trail head of the Stoller Road Trail.


  1. 47 mph ?? Nope, not me. Hihi
    I admire your courage!

  2. I can't imagine being stretched out on a comfortable lawn chair, balanced on two wheels, at that speed. Hihi

  3. I hear you on those bottles; great for keeping your water cold. Although, when riding, I miss bopping the nipple shut on my underside of my handlebar before putting the bottle back in the cage.

  4. I still smack it after every drink. Then do my best Homer Simpson- doh!