Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 Sides Primed

A break in the weather allowed me to get a coat of white primer on two sides of the shed.  I was looking through my painting supplies in the basement this morning and found nearly a whole gallon of exterior white primer and a full gallon of exterior latex house and trim paint so that saves me about 40 dollars.  With two sides done less than half a gallon of the primer is left so I may have to break down and buy another can.

This is the reason I went crazy with the gravel.  The day the shed was built it rained on and off for hours.   I took this picture the next day 24 hours after the rain had passed.  The photo is a great example of how wet the back end of my property can be even days after torrential rains.  

This is the shed of my next door neighbor Frank Horton.  Frank's shed is over 20 years old and still looking good.  A World War II veteran in his 90's Frank stays active still mowing his own grass and puttering around his property enjoying his retirement.


  1. Looking at Frank's shed, I don't think the axis ever had a chance. Yours looks great too. Very best regards, Tom AB9NZ

  2. Oh my! I didn't realize Shed Wars were heating up. Looks like Horton may have you beat in the decorative category, plus he has a gutter system, and is that a patriotic eagle over the doorway? No wonder you're thinking you've got to install a solar powered hot tub! You're losing the race! Honestly though, looking at the ground, you were smart to go crazy with gravel.

  3. I agree with Nate. In order to beat old man Horton, you're going to have to go over the top. Consider installing a classic weathervane on the roof! A nice rooster should suffice.